Friday, September 4, 2015

So far in 2015...

 So far 2015 has been a great year for Ceilidh's. Chanel (GCh. Ceilidh's Deep River Haute Couture) has been specialed the entire year and has become the no. 1 smooth collie in Breed points and no. 2 all breed. She has garnered 11 specialty Best of Breeds, 22 Specialty Best of Varieties, a second Award of Merit at the nationals, 6 group 1's and 10 other  group placements. We are really thrilled with our beautiful girl. She continues to impress even at 7 years of age.

 Also Hazel had her litter of puppies in Dec. 7, blues and tris. A beautiful litter. Out of it I kept Ceilidh's Wild Mountain Thyme (Heather). Even though I wanted a tri male badly, I decided Heather was just too much to pass up. I still have a tri girl from that litter available to a show, pet or performance home.

 Also I bred Taylor (Ceilidh's I Knew You Were Trouble) to Jaye Athey's dog Seeker (Mandalay's Chill Seeker at Gateside). I am anxiously looking forward to this litter as it goes back to Bo Dandy on both sides. We think they will all be smooth, as Seeker is pure for smooth as far as we can tell. Jaye has graciously offered to whelp the litter as I won't be home at that time. I will be down in Florida soon after though to see them grow for a while.

 We are still waiting for Shakira, (Ceilidh's Underneath Her Clothes) to come in to season so we can breed her.  She is keeping us waiting and on pins and needles. We believe she is also pure for smooth so we are going to have lots of Ceilidh smooths in this coming year.

 Also at the nationals this year our tri boy Spiritwind Centurion got a third place in his class. We love our boy and are so proud of him.