Welcome to Ceilidh Collies. My name is  Micha Ann Elliott and I have been breeding and showing collies for the past 12 years. My love of Collies began in my childhood through the popular Lassie stories and the books of Albert Payson Terhune. When I was a teenager I became the proud owner of my first collie, a tri-color female named Sheba.  From that moment on collies have been my first love.  However, it would be many years before my dreams of breeding collies became a reality.

Once you own a collie, you just want more and so Ceilidh Collies was born.  Ceilidh (kaylee) is a Gaelic word meaning "a gathering" which I thought was a perfect name for a kennel of herding dogs. Read through my blogs and see the wonderful dogs that I fell in love with... past and present.  Updates will be coming every month!